Fitness and Healthy Meals Can Be Done, Even With a Long Commute!

crockpotI usually avoid reading the opinion section of my local paper. The comments are usually pretty off the wall and tend to make me crazy. But every now and then I can’t help myself, like tonight. “No wonder why Staten Islanders are fat, they have long commutes. No one wants to cook or exercise after a 12 hour day. I suspect people are collapsing and ordering takeout.”

A four-hour commute is a pretty big exaggeration on the part of the writer. But even if it were true, there are ways to have decent meals and to get some fitness in. It takes some planning and some flexibility but it’s definitely doable. You don’t even have to get up at 4 a.m. to do it. (unless you want to and then I bow down to you).

I don’t love to get up super early but I can do a half an hour to workout. Not possible for you? How about 3 10 or 15 minute mini workouts? That gives you 30 – 45 minutes of exercise. Do you get a lunch break? How about squeezing in a quick sweat session or a brisk walk then? My gym offers 30 minute classes at lunch time, which is great if you get an hour for lunch. (I realize not everyone does).

No time to cook? Prep meals on the weekend so you have foods you can reheat. Stir fries can be made in minutes if food has been pre-chopped. (You can buy it that way, no one is judging). My other favorite tool is my crockpot. I can set it to 8 hours and it will turn off to keep warm when it’s done. Dinner is hot and waiting when you get home.

Another handy tool is the pressure cooker. They’ve come a long way and are much safer than older models. You can cook meals in minutes and you can cook a lot at one time. Leftovers are a blessing when time is tight.

What are your favorite tips for fitting in fitness?

What’s your quick and easy go to meal?

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