Fighting Food Limitations or Accepting Them Gracefully?

raw key lime pieI was watching a show that showcases local food movements, trends and startups (Food Curated if you’re in the NYC area). I’m a food geek and love to see new trends and local foods that I can try. One of the women featured had more food intolerances and allergies than I do.

She, however, was cheerful about her predicament and has a food blog, cooks for other people and is a food photographer. What really struck me is that she was adamant that she loved food and would find a way to eat delicious meals no matter what. Even though she could only eat from certain food groups she made the most of what she could have.

It reminded me although I miss certain aspects of eating wheat and dairy I don’t miss feeling tired, bloated and generally blah. I have had a little too much dairy recently and, honestly, I should have passed. There are many acceptable and enjoyable variations of foods, foods that I genuinely like. I just wish I had more grace accepting it.

It is a wide and varied food world out there and there are some amazing people doing remarkable recipes as well as ready-to-buy foods. Foods that make not being able to eat a certain way much more tolerable. I’d rather eat a raw key lime pie (or here’s another version) than eat the real thing and feel hungover. (Seriously, if I am going to feel hungover it better be because I was having way too good of a time. Not because I had wheat and dairy).

Do you feel tired, bloated and can’t lose weight, even though you’re eating healthy foods? You may have a food intolerance. One of the things I do with my clients is an elimination diet to see if there are foods affecting the way they feel. To learn more about how I can help you please email me,