Fall Back In Love With Your Body

PUMPKIN SMOOTHIEI really enjoy eating so I used to dread the words cleanse and detox, to me it brought up fasting, not chewing and pain. I didn’t want to drink green juice at every meal and be hangry all day. Where is the joy in that? Plus I knew I’d gain the weight back when I started eating again.

But I found there is a more sustainable way to detox my body. One where I could eat delicious seasonal meals that were simple, still delicious, and I could still reset my eating habits. (The Pumpkin Spice Smoothie is one of the breakfast choices).

Why would I even want to do this? Well, the body sometimes needs a break.  You may have a pretty clean diet but still breathe in toxins from the air or absorb them through your largest organ, the skin, if your water isn’t filtered. Maybe you drink socially, have a lot of caffeine, eat sugary treats or just a few too many healthy treats. It could be that you’re having a little too much pasta, bread, potatoes or cheese. Many of our convenience foods have ingredients that our bodies do not recognize as food and they confuse our system.

It might be that you’re stuck in a rut and not sure of what your next step should be. Your imagination could be blocked and shutting down your creativity. If you find yourself irritable and not really sure why you might want to give a detox a try.

A detox is not a fast. It’s more of a rejuvenation and a reminder to feed your body what it really needs and not just what you are craving. It’s something I like to do, especially in the spring and the fall, as a prep for the upcoming seasons. In the autumn we are prepping for winter, clearing congestion out so our immune system is in top form and can resist colds and flu. And I want to be in shape for the holidays, rather than binge eating from mid-October to early January.

Want to join me? I’m leading a Fall Back In Love With Your Body Detox on September 21 and you can get more details here: Press The Reset Button.

You can expect:

  • Support
  • Daily check ins and a 15 minute phone call to begin the detox.
  • Menu ideas
  • Preparation tips for the detox
  • Step by step guide for the detox
  • 39 pages of tasty, easy to prepare seasonal recipe
  •     sesame chicken, lemon sole, light soups, salads, stir fries, curries, and more!
  • What to do post cleanse
  • Choices for carnivores and vegetarians alike