Eating Healthy On the Go

airplaneI’m sort of on vacation, I’m on my way to San Francisco to run Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I’m excited and bit nervous, that’s a hilly area to be running a half-marathon. Since I’m going to be running I like to fuel with healthy foods that will support my run. I also don’t like to eat new foods when I’m going for a long run, who wants stomach cramping or worse?

Add to that I don’t eat wheat or dairy and my foods get further limited. So how to stay healthy while on the go? It takes some preparing, some researching and asking questions. I asked if I could have a gluten-free meal at the Inspiration dinner the night before the run and was told no problem. I’ve found a few places where I can buy food to have in the hotel room and another quick Google search let me know which restaurants have gluten & dairy free options.

For the plane I tend to bring my own food anyway. I don’t know what’s in those meals and even before I had a wheat & dairy intolerance I preferred not to eat them. I’d rather throw a couple of snacks in my bag and be done with it. A package of tuna, an avocado, some nuts & maybe some gluten-free crackers and I’m eating much better than most pre-packaged meals. I also tend to bring small packets of oatmeal or trail mix depending on the time of day I’m traveling.

I buy a bottle of water in the airport and drink a lot of water and seltzer on the plane. I don’t like using the facilities but it’s definitely better than being dehydrated. What are some tips and tricks you use to eat healthy while traveling?

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