Don’t Exercise for Weight Loss

i_july_photo_1That seems pretty radical to some when they hear me say that.  Some people perk up and some people look at me like I’m crazy.  I don’t mean that you get a free pass on exercising.  I mean that you shouldn’t be using exercise as your major method of weight control and it shouldn’t be something you dread.

If you are eating a fairly clean diet you shouldn’t need to kill yourself with exercise to lose weight.  Exercise accounts for only 20 – 30% of weight loss, diet is responsible for the other 70 – 80%.  Eating a crappy diet and exercising is not going to get you to your goals but rather sets you up to fail.

Think about a routine that you like, one that doesn’t feel like punishment.  Maybe it’s dancing, swimming, running around with your kids, playing tennis, or a game of volleyball.  Whatever gets you moving and doesn’t feel like a chore or feel boring is what you should be focusing on.  You want the feel good endorphins as well as they physical benefits.

For me exercise is a way for my brain to calm down, to work off stress, and to shake off a day of work.  I love the way I feel afterwards both mentally and physically.  When it’s something you enjoy the time flies and you aren’t worrying about what you have to do next.   You’re in the moment and almost disappointed when your time is up.  You may even exercise longer than you planned.  That’s really what’s radical!

So what exercise do you enjoy?  I’d love to hear from you!

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