Does Cheating on your Diet Mean You Can Eat Junk All Day?

Most mornings I eat oatmeal. I like it, it’s easy and I don’t have to think too much about it. Changing the toppings changes the taste and keeps me from getting bored. (If you think oatmeal is boring check out these ideas from Greatist). In the summer I switch to overnight oats or a smoothie.

Every now and then I want something different. This morning I was craving a muffin. Usually I will make a healthy version of a muffin and call it a day. Not this morning. There were double chocolate muffins in the freezer downstairs and that is exactly what I wanted, topped with peanut butter. It was delicious and I won’t pretend it was healthy, it wasn’t.

I don’t beat myself up on the days I eat a muffin for breakfast or have a cookie after lunch. Nor do I use it as an excuse to eat whatever junk foods I feel like eating during the day. Eating healthily is not an all or nothing proposition. If your eating isn’t stellar at one meal make up for it with a healthy choice at the next meal.

Lunch was a green protein shake: vanilla Shakeology, raw cacao powder, kale, avocado and strawberries. It was nutrient dense, delicious and it felt good on my sore throat. (I’ve been sick, which is why my blog was sporadic this week). I could have had a number of healthy choices but this sounded really good today. Snacks included a blood orange and almonds, dinner will also be a nutritious choice as well.

Trying to eat on point at every meal is not going to work in the long-term for most of us. It’s a crazy-making and ventures into the realm of disordered eating. I had a friend who used to cry after eating dessert, she felt like a failure. I used to chew a cookie and spit it out. Now I eat the cookie, enjoy it and add extra vegetables and less starchy carbs at the next meal.

It’s about balance and maintaining your sanity.

Do you need help achieving that healthy balance in your meals? I can help you with that, email me at and we can set up a time to talk. Are you interested in learning more about Shakeology? I’m happy to answer your questions about that as well!