Diets, Thanksgiving and Family Connections

turkeyWith the upcoming holidays I’ve been having a lot of conversations about food. The different view points and passion around food are always fascinating to me. I had a doctor tell me that our clients are too focused food and not the actual holiday. My thought was food is a very strong glue that binds families together. There’s a memory of love and enjoyment in those holiday meals and we feel connected through the meals.

His thinking was to not focus on the food and you enjoy the day that much more. While I understand the viewpoint I’m not really sure that’s true. I love having Thanksgiving with my in-laws, I particularly love my father-in-law’s sausage stuffing, especially when he makes in the pan and it gets crispy on top. But I feel connected to my family when I make food the way my mother and grandmother did.

There’s a certain link that you get when you have the cranberry sauce or sweet potato dish that you ate while growing up. The feeling of happy times and being cared for that really cannot be discounted. I think it’s important to have that bond and ignoring the food can leave you feeling deprived, angry or depressed to some degree.

Does that mean you should go and have heaping plates of it? No, but I do think having it the one day and taking the time to enjoy it along with the people you’re eating with is powerful for us. You’re sharing tradition and love with those you care about.

Next week we can talk more about eating mindfully and steps to take if you are watching what you eat. There are definitely ways to enjoy the meal and traditions without feeling like you sabotaged your own eating plan.

What are your favorite family Thanksgiving traditions? I’d love to know what you look forward to and what you could really live without!

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