Did She Really Call Us Tubby?

e_may_photo_1I had tv on the other day while I was working. The commercial for the next day’s show proclaimed, “Tis the season to be tubby!” and assured us how we could avoid the dastardly fate. Really, you just called us tubby? The truth is the average person only gains 1 – 2 pounds over the holiday season. The bad news is we generally don’t lose those pounds but let them accumulate.

I’m not a fan of the scare tactic marketing or one that plays on someone’s fears. I want you to be healthy and fit, not obsessed. I hesitated to share an article recently because the title was really off-putting. A friend told me she agreed with my philosophies but couldn’t read the article because of the title. I explained why I shared it and that I agreed about the title. The site has really good articles with positive information, but the titles are rotten. I guess their experience is that these titles grab attention.

I didn’t tune in to watch the show. I hope there was good and sensible information on it for the sake of those who tuned in. I want to enjoy my holiday and I remind myself that the holidays are actually only a few days. The parties on the other hand can be a little trickier.

Or avoid/minimize weight gain by having a plan in place for parties that you attend. Make as many healthy choices as possible and pick one or two foods to splurge on. Enjoy them and move on. Be sure to get some exercise in that day, drink water and get some sleep. If you do put extra weight on make a conscious effort to shed it so you don’t slowly accumulate excess pounds.

So my question is what motivates you? Do the scare tactics grab your attention or do you prefer a positive approach?

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