Dang, I Was Really Hoping to Enjoy That

IcedCoffeeLast week I was swept away by all the hype and the excitement by my friends posting about pumpkin spice lattes and coffees being available. I am very susceptible to suggestions, if you are eating pizza I will want pizza. Even though I find these coffees very sweet, I figured I would stick with a black pumpkin coffee and it will be my treat.

Bad move, it was so sweet I was not enjoying it. I ended up going home and brewing espresso with pumpkin spice (add 1 tsp spice per 4 scoops of coffee – it works with any spice) and dumping a shot into my coffee to make it drinkable for me. I figured with all the ice it wouldn’t be too strong, after all D&D just throws their hot coffee over ice so it’s pretty watered down to start with. Lesson learned, no buying pumpkin spice coffee unless it’s flavored with spices rather than a syrup.

I love treats and I make sure that I enjoy them when I have one but it doesn’t make sense to suffer through something I don’t enjoy. I grew up thinking that you had to finish the food on your plate, you couldn’t throw food out and wasting food was pretty much a sin. That’s a lot of baggage for food.

I still don’t like to waste food which is why I made the coffee into a more palatable treat. I am not going to keep something that does not taste good or has ingredients that I don’t like. Years ago someone told me all food goes to waste eventually, it doesn’t have to be through you. (TMI)? We’re not garbage cans and we don’t have to finish something just because it’s there.

That resonated with me and it’s something I keep in mind now. If I wasn’t home and couldn’t doctor my coffee it would have got tossed.

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