Cross-Training Through Minor Injury and Some New Nutrition

guI haven’t been able to run for the past week. I did my long run on Saturday and my back was achy. No big deal, I thought. I got in 11.5 miles with the help of my training buddy and one of my coaches. I got home and stretched. As the day wore on the pain got worse.

I waited a day or two and tried again. Nope, the jarring was killing me. Even on the treadmill I just couldn’t take it. So, more cross-training this week. I figured out if I do the low-impact version of my workouts I could still get some cardio and strength in without the agony.

Then I did a not so brilliant move. I tried getting rid of some of the melting ice on our sidewalk. That’s when I knew exactly why my back was aching. I stopped and just sprinkled down more snow melt. The melt is working and my back thanks me.

I’ve been using the 21 Day Fix workouts by BeachBody. There are about 10 different workouts and my muscles know they’ve worked. It’s kind of funny that I work out consistently but this can kick my butt. They’re not all new exercises either. I’m glad it’s working, I’d like to avoid further injuries as marathon training progresses.

I usually stick with Honey Stinger chews as my fuel. I tried the Pomegranate Passion this week and I really liked it. It reminded me of a jam my grandmother used to make. I will definitely get more of those.

I also tried Gu’s Caramel Macchiato. I usually find gels sticky sweet but this was quite enjoyable. I used it prior to a 6 miler. (It had been a while since breakfast and I needed a boost). I may get a few to break up the chews. I also purchased Salted Caramel but haven’t tried it yet. I hope it’s as good as the macchiato. Yes, I love caramel.

I’ve signed up for a 10 miler Sunday. I’m hoping that my back is fine and I get through the hella cold weather they’re predicting. The race is on, no matter what the weather is. At least I’m running with friends.

What’s your favorite fuel?

What do you cross-train with?

Tips for running in 10 degree weather?