Be Radical – Enjoy the Holiday Season

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Triple Chocolate Cookies

I post a lot of tips on staying healthy and exercising during the holiday season.  And I believe in them.  I exercise, make good meal choices, and I don’t keep junk in the house.  On the other hand, it is the holiday season and I want to enjoy myself.  Which means saying yes to things that I normally don’t have.

Honestly, how often do you have your mom’s special lasagna, the fancy cookies, or pecan pie?  Do you even think of pecan pie the rest of the year?  I honestly can’t say Christmas feels like Christmas without cookies.  When I was growing up my mom used to bake like a maniac for the holidays.  I had no idea that other people’s mothers did not make 12 different kinds of cookies plus nut & date rolls, sausage rolls, pies, and whatever else she thought we needed.

It’s a very real link for me to the holidays, feeling loved, and feeling young.  Why would I want to give that up?  I’m sure you have your own spin of those links to family.  Maybe it’s potato latkes, the seven fishes, empanadas, baklava or tamales.  Connect to it.  It’s an important part of your ritual and you should honor it. You can eat healthy the rest of the time.  You can also drink lemon or ginger water to keep any bloated feelings away.

Here are some links to a few favorite sites of mine for some healthier cookie recipes:

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