Are You on an Endless Treadmill and Standing Still?

treadmillDo you feel like you’re just stuck on an endless treadmill? Things aren’t going the way you planned? The days just blur together and seem the same: get up, go to work, do chores, eat, run around with family and go to bed?

Many of us get sucked into that at some point or the other. It seems like nothing can change it and there is no way to break the routine into something other than an endless hamster cycle. I have been feeling that way lately. And in probing deeper I realized I wasn’t taking time for me to do things that I enjoy.

I was training for a half-marathon, working on my business and doing chores. While I enjoy running it had become a routine and I wasn’t giving myself time to read, knit or some of the other things that I love. Some clients I’ve spoken with have told me that they would give anything for a half an hour of me time every day.

Sometimes you just need to make that happen and to make it happen something non-critical needs to let go. It may be that you say, I’m leaving work at 6 pm. It may be that the dishes go into the dishwasher and you go exercise without making the kitchen spotless. Maybe you and your spouse trade-off, each of you getting some time while the other deals with the house and kids.

Another option is to hire or barter help. Get a babysitter for a few hours a week to let you do what you need or swap off with a trusted friend/neighbor. Have someone come in and do the heavy cleaning once or twice a month. A friend of mine drops her laundry off to be washed and folded. It’s time she doesn’t have to spend and the laundromat does a better job folding.

You deserve time to rest, replenish and do the things that feed your soul. These aren’t selfish, they make you a better partner, friend, parent, etc. A happier you makes for a happier family.

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