Are You Avoiding Juicing for One of these Reasons?

GroceryBagI want to piggyback on last week’s green juice blog. I’ve received some questions and comments that I’d like to address

I see juice cleanses everywhere. Is this a good way to lose weight?

I don’t recommend juice as a meal replacement. It’s not a complete meal since it’s missing protein and fiber. For meal replacement you would be better off with a green smoothie to which you have added a form of protein.

Additionally while green smoothies make a great light meal it is more helpful to learn how to eat whole foods and normal sensible meals.

I hate cleaning the juicer.

My advice is to rinse it right away or soak it. Once that gunk gets caked on it’s really hard to scrub off. I have a masticating juicer which is much easier to clean than the last type that I had.

It’s time consuming.

Scrub your produce when you buy it, washing it in advance cuts down on some of the time. It also makes life easier when cooking in the evening. You can also chop some of what you want and put into containers or baggies for the next day. This way almost everything is ready to go.

It’s expensive.

I buy what is in season and more shelf stable items I buy in bulk. A bag of lemons is cheaper than buying them loose. The large bag of carrots lasts a while and is also more economical. Shopping in your farmers market or at a bulk store are also great ways to save money.

I am passionate about the benefits of green juice and smoothies. Enough so that I want to offer you a free challenge. I will support you, give you recipes and tips along the way. Here are the details:

Green Drink Challenge

I will be leading a 21 day green drink challenge beginning June 29. The challenge is to simply add in a green juice or smoothie every day for 21 days. That is it. You don’t need to change anything else in your diet. You may find that you want to after a few days of green drinks but it’s not mandatory for participating in the challenge.

Why? To increase your energy levels and vitality, feel better, look better and an improved sense of well being.

Cost? It’s free.

How ? There will be a Facebook page so you can stay accountable and receive support along the way. There will be tips and some recipes along the way.

How to sign up: Like the Empowered Plate on Facebook and send me a message that you would like to be included in the 21 day Green Drink Challenge. 

Cheers! Janine