Are the Ads Promising a New You Too Good to Be True?

I did itHappy New Year! Do you feel like you’re being bombarded by companies promoting diets, pills, gym memberships, magazine subscriptions and such trying to capitalize in on your New Year’s Resolutions? So much pressure and frankly it’s annoying. I’d love a get thin quick trick, who wouldn’t?

Unfortunately most of it doesn’t work. Exercise will help you lose weight initially you’re going to plateau unless you also change your eating habits. When most people don’t see a change during the month of January they quit going to the gym and revert back to their eating habits.

Change takes more than a few weeks. If you stick with the gym and healthier eating habits for 3 months you will see a change, your body will become stronger and leaner. In my experience, both with my clients and myself, it takes six months for those new habits to become routine.

That may sound long but by making small changes throughout those months you’ll be motivated by seeing steady progress along the way. It won’t be the quick weight loss promised in most ads but it will be something you can stick with past the month of January.

Need help getting your eating back on track without tricks? I am leading a detox beginning January 25. It’s also a good way to jump-start a new healthy eating plan. If you’re bloated, tired, out of sorts and still craving yummy foods this is for you. If you don’t want to be stuck eating only salads and drinking smoothies this is for you.

It’s not for you if you’re looking for a quick weight loss program, although you will lose a few pounds. As with any short-lived program if you go back to eating extra helpings of food, treats and excess sugar you’ll gain the weight back. It’s not a miracle worker.

I’m here to help guide you and support you, to give you the helping hand and gentle push. With the detox you’ll get over 40 pages of recipes for meat lovers and vegetarians alike, meal ideas, daily check ins, preparation guide, step by step detox guide and what to do post detox.

If you would like to sign up for the detox or want more information please click here.