Speed Work is Like Planks

treadmillI’ve added speed training in the past two weeks. I kind of dread doing it and it’s hard when I’m actually running it. But I kind of like the drills. To me it’s like doing planks, I can feel them working and I can see the results from that work.

I just don’t love doing them and they can be really uncomfortable. But no one ever said that training would be easy. If it were easy I suspect a lot more people would be running marathons regularly.

The other day I started my warm up at a slow run and it felt like that was enough for the day. I figured I’d try doing the speed drills and if I was exhausted I’d just run. I knew I could switch days for the drills but I wanted to give it a shot. Sure enough once I got going it was fine.

They make the time on the treadmill pass much more quickly. I’m watching laps & recover times, rather than counting down miles & minutes. By the time I hit my final cool down lap I was back to my warm up speed. And the same pace that felt slightly challenging now felt ridiculously slow.

That’s when I like the speed work. After I’ve pushed myself more than I thought I could without crossing the line into hurting. I feel accomplished and proud.

We’re expecting a blizzard in the Northeast so I’m fairly certain that I’ll be on the treadmill again this week. I was lucky enough to be able to get my long run in outside on Sunday. I waited long enough so the sidewalks were mostly clear and melting had begun. I don’t see that happening this week!

What is the best part of training for you?

Do you do planks? If so, do you like or dread them?

How do you make time on the treadmill go faster?