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cropped-running-with-dog1.jpgI’m a Healthy Eating and Wellness Empowerment Coach living on Staten Island with my husband and menagerie of pets. (Yes, I’m a Boroughs girl and I tells it like it is). I have had my own issues with weight, exercise, and nutrition  I know what it’s like to hit that point where you think am I going to live like this for the rest of my life?  Am I always going to be: The fat friend? The wife who feels too self-conscious to enjoy a love life with her partner? The tired and harassed mother?  I need to make some changes!

I remember my mother counting calories when I was around four. It seemed to me like that was what you were supposed to do. What I didn’t know at age 4 was that my mother had an eating disorder. She was hospitalized because of it and still would come home living a life of restrictive eating.  It was confusing and scary because I did not know if my mother was going to live or not. I certainly did not know how to help her.

I knew I did not want to live that way, I didn’t want to put myself at risk or scare those that I loved. I ate my vegetables and salads but I also ate foods that I enjoyed. I have a strong sweet tooth and indulged it regularly. The pounds crept up in my 20′s and I took a yoga class when I was 29.  Some of the poses were hard because my belly was in the way. I went shopping and found the 16W no longer fit comfortably.  Looking at the next size I realized just how big I had become and how uncomfortable I was in my own skin.  I joined a weight loss program and lost about 40 pounds. (While I have a fairly good idea of what my heaviest weight was I’m not exactly sure since I refused to get on a scale and see that number). 

I kept the weight off for a few years and then it started creeping back again. I was miserable and didn’t want to start my 40′s off fighting my weight yet again.  I didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night ashamed by my weight and how I felt. Why did I feel powerless around certain foods?  

I rejoined the same weight loss program and lost 30 pounds. I started running when I turned 40 and was constantly hungry. I couldn’t figure out why. I was eating the way I was taught and I had exercised before, so why was I so hungry?  Worse, I started gaining weight. What now? I couldn’t realistically eat the way I had and the caloric allotment was so puny.  

And then I discovered the “secret” to losing weight. I was not giving my body what it needed by dieting. Your body needs some healthy fat, whole foods, and love. I eat in more of a Mediterranean style and I find food pleasurable. I enjoy simple delicious meals that I can cook quickly. I make time to sit and enjoy my food with my husband in a relaxed way. To me this is more of a lifestyle than a diet. And I can proudly say that I have kept off the 60 pounds that I lost.

I don’t feel any foods are off limits, I still love a good glass of red wine or a beer. I believe that some dark chocolate and a little cheese every now and then are items to be savored and enjoyed. I don’t beat myself up over what I eat, I don’t count points or calories. I have found a sustainable sane way to eat and I don’t gain weight. I am happy and confident in the way I look and I feel renewed. I have a partner who after 20+ years together still finds me attractive and sexy.

I do exercise and I have kept up with running. I actually have run a few half marathons and several 5 and 10k races. I mentor for Team in Training so I can help other new runners get started. I also do nutrition clinics for TNT so other runners can make better nutrition choices and have the energy to run half and full marathons.

My clients are women and men who are tired of the yoyo dieting and who want to enjoy food and life again. They want to see their children walk down the aisle, play with their grandchildren, have the confidence to go out and meet Mr. or Ms. Right, or to find their sexy self. They know that losing weight and gaining energy will make them better mothers, fathers, partners, employees and have them fall back in love with themselves. They have goals they want to reach and I am there to support them in achieving what they want.

Are you curious about how nutrition and wellness coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Email me to schedule a 20 minute strategy session, JanineMcHale@empoweredplate.com, to discover the three key issues that are holding you back from reaching your goal.

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