Eggs Are Dairy, Bread is Bad and Other Food Lies

I always ask my client’s what they eat and what they enjoy eating. A common theme are the clients who proudly tell me that they only eats egg whites and wheat toast without butter when they get breakfast from the diner. When I asked why no yolk I hear “I don’t eat dairy”; “cholesterol is bad for you” or “they’re so full of fat.”

As odd as that seemed to me it is a popular misconception that eggs are dairy; they are not. (A true dairy product is made by the mammary glands of a mammal. Eggs do not fit this definition; they are an animal by-product). The yolk contains the most nutrition and I recommend clients eat at least one yolk. but honestly why not go for broke and eat both. One egg has 75 calories, 6g protein, 5g fat and are no longer considered a food that raises cholesterol.

The fat throws some people, I know. I’d rather see you eat 2 eggs and pair it with a slice of bacon and a bunch of veggies than an egg white omelet with toast. Why? The fat is going to keep you full, along with the fiber from the vegetables. The fat also helps your body synthesize the nutrition from the veggies. The slice of bacon tastes good and is another protein source. (Keep the bacon to a slice or two and buy a nitrate free uncured brand).

I don’t demonize bread or recommend always skipping it. I like whole grain sprouted bread, especially toasted and spread with grass-fed butter. I just think we tend to eat a lot of it an, try having a side of oatmeal or grits if you want a more nutritious carb choice when dining out. It’s rare that your local diner has 100% whole grain bread.

If you’re going to eat bread, eat 100% whole grain bread preferably sprouted. I generally buy Ezekiel brand bread and keep it in my freezer (it goes bad quickly). Read your labels, whole grain products need to say 100% whole grain. Otherwise they’re just a mix and generally not much more nutritious than white bread.

Do you want to boost your energy, regain your focus and keep up with your kids or grandkids? Email me,, and I will work with you to create a plan that works for you and your busy life. (It will even include chocolate, I promise).