Completed My Race and Physical Therapy

Nike Women Toronto with JessLast week I ran/walked the Nike Women 15k in Toronto. It was my first race since my injury. I would love to say I was able to run the whole thing or that I didn’t have any pain afterwards. Neither would be true. The pain, however, wasn’t intense nor did it impede my walking. All in all I was pleased with my race.

It was a fun race and I enjoyed it. I had company for my entire run and we stopped to take pictures along the way. Neither one of us was running for time, we just wanted to participate and finish. Seeing the Toronto skyline, the beach and beautiful homes made for a very pretty run.

It was pouring before our run and we looked kind of ridiculous huddled under a heat sheet. We stayed dry, though, and that was the important thing. The rain stopped right before we started running and it started again during my last 3 miles. Happily it didn’t start to pour until I was actually finished.

I have my Tiffany finisher’s necklace, which is one of the best parts of the race.

I’ve also finished up physical therapy and my glutes are strong. I’m showing them off in my wall squat in the above photo. (I’m with my training buddy there). Now I need to work on my running form and my stride. It’s a lot to try to remember at once so I’ll be working on one thing at a time with my running coaches.

I haven’t signed up for any new races at the moment. While I think I can complete a half marathon I don’t want to push myself. Part of me thinks I should sign up and another part of me just wants a break. I think I will do a local half in the fall, I’ll need to decide soon.

I’m deliberately not planning a full marathon until I know I’m where I need to be to train adequately. My confidence isn’t there yet and I prefer not to be chronically injured. I also prefer to train in the winter. Running 18 miles in the heat really isn’t my idea of fun, no matter how much I love my training buddies!

Have you returned to running after an injury?

How long did you wait before signing up for an event?