How To Motivate Yourself When You’d Rather Log Couch Time

treadmillA friend asked me how often I exercised and when I replied 6 days she seemed a little taken aback. She asked why I did it – did I enjoy the way I felt afterwards or the results from working out. The truth is I like all of it. I like the movement, the sweat, the sense of accomplishment and the way my muscles build.

I usually like the way I feel but anyone who does endurance or intense sports knows that sometimes you feel beat up. There is pride in knowing that I can do something I never thought possible and that only about 1% of the population actually does. I know if I can run 13.1+ miles I can pretty much do anything.

My friend doesn’t really like working out and sees it as something she has to do but would rather not. When she asked how she could motivate herself I ended up asking her the same thing. What would motivate you to adopt an exercise routine? Is it your health, the way you feel or the way you look? There is something very cool about seeing your body get stronger, fitting into a skinny pair of jeans or lapping someone younger than you.

Yeah, there are days I’d much rather sit on the couch than run or workout. Those days I make a deal with myself – I will run a mile or workout for 15 minutes and after that I can stop. It’s very rare that I stop but I know I have the option.

You won’t see me doing classes or workouts I hate either. I will check out new routines and workouts when they come out but if I don’t like them I don’t force myself to go back. I like riding a bike but can’t stand Spin.

Make a pact with yourself – 4 days a week you’ll start with 10 minutes of an activity you like. Then just build the time up from there. It becomes a habit after that and one you miss if you skip.

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Why Did I Think Running Another Half Was a Good Idea?

I’ve been having a kind of difficult time with my long runs lately. I’ve felt like I was struggling and not just because of the weather. I feel I’ve been slower than I was in April and fatigue more quickly. It’s annoying and I’m not sure what exactly changed.

I’ve been doing hill training and speed work. I’ve been running consistently but something hasn’t been clicking. Tuesday’s speed drills was one of the best runs I have had in a while. I pushed myself and was able to finish at a pace I was happier with. I was also able to do a mile more than I had scheduled.

On Saturday’s long run I decided to just go more slowly than I’d like and see if I had more energy toward the end of the 10 miler. Happily, it did work. I didn’t really need to walk and I was able to finish my run knowing that I could do another few miles. Yes, I would have like to run faster but it was more important to be able to finish.

In both cases I let go of my expectations and just went with what felt right. It’s hard to let go of the ego when I want a specific outcome. It’s hard to be in the moment and know that for today this is what I can do when I want to do more. But I’m learning I get better results when I tune in so I can either push or pull back when needed. I also enjoy the run a heck of a lot more!

What do you do when you aren’t getting the performance out of yourself that you hoped for?

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A Great Tool for Healthy Eating

2014-09-13 08.07.28I’m not a big counter of calories, not all calories are created equal. (400 calories of chicken, vegetables and brown rice is not the same as 400 calories of chips or cookies). I am a believer of portion control, however, particularly with packaged foods. It’s hard to maintain a healthy weight when you don’t know what an actual serving size looks like.

One of the best tools is a kitchen scale. A digital scale will give you an accurate look at what a portion size should look like. It’s also handy for baking measurements and when following an unfamiliar recipe.

I was lucky enough to be given the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale to review in exchange for my opinion. I really do like it , it is so much more accurate and easier to read than my previous manual scale.

2014-09-13 08.06.14You calibrate it simply by putting on a flat surface and turning it on and then choose your measurement unit by pressing the unit button and selecting ounces, pounds, grams, or kilograms. I appreciate that the display is large and easy to read. (no more squinting and trying to figure out where the little line is actually pointing)!


2014-09-13 08.11.01My favorite feature is the Tare button. You place your plate or bowl on the scale and press the ON/OFF/TARE button and the scale goes back to zero.




2014-09-13 08.12.48Then you can add the next ingredient and get an accurate measurement without doing the math yourself. The Precision Pro is accurate to + – 1 gram. The Precision Pro Scale conveniently comes with batteries and measures up 11 lbs / 5 kg. There are a variety of colors to choose from, it cleans up with a soft, damp cloth and is small enough to sit on your kitchen counter. There is also a booklet that helps you figure out the calorie content of your meal if you choose to do that.

2014-09-13 08.17.38

You can purchase EatSmart’s Precision Pro Kitchen Scale for yourself on

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Fall Back In Love With Your Body

PUMPKIN SMOOTHIEI really enjoy eating so I used to dread the words cleanse and detox, to me it brought up fasting, not chewing and pain. I didn’t want to drink green juice at every meal and be hangry all day. Where is the joy in that? Plus I knew I’d gain the weight back when I started eating again.

But I found there is a more sustainable way to detox my body. One where I could eat delicious seasonal meals that were simple, still delicious, and I could still reset my eating habits. (The Pumpkin Spice Smoothie is one of the breakfast choices).

Why would I even want to do this? Well, the body sometimes needs a break.  You may have a pretty clean diet but still breathe in toxins from the air or absorb them through your largest organ, the skin, if your water isn’t filtered. Maybe you drink socially, have a lot of caffeine, eat sugary treats or just a few too many healthy treats. It could be that you’re having a little too much pasta, bread, potatoes or cheese. Many of our convenience foods have ingredients that our bodies do not recognize as food and they confuse our system.

It might be that you’re stuck in a rut and not sure of what your next step should be. Your imagination could be blocked and shutting down your creativity. If you find yourself irritable and not really sure why you might want to give a detox a try.

A detox is not a fast. It’s more of a rejuvenation and a reminder to feed your body what it really needs and not just what you are craving. It’s something I like to do, especially in the spring and the fall, as a prep for the upcoming seasons. In the autumn we are prepping for winter, clearing congestion out so our immune system is in top form and can resist colds and flu. And I want to be in shape for the holidays, rather than binge eating from mid-October to early January.

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You can expect:

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  • 39 pages of tasty, easy to prepare seasonal recipe
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  • What to do post cleanse
  • Choices for carnivores and vegetarians alike