Is Your Scale Hop Messing With You?

e_may_photo_1Are you ruled by what you see on the scale? I have had several clients tearfully tell me the scale went up after they ate well and exercised. It happens, it’s frustrating but it does happen. I asked that they wait a week and then check to see if the number went down.

Even without looking at their food diaries I know that there are many factors to temporarily change the number on the scale. An intense workout does change your mass temporarily. Your muscles might be inflamed causing a temporary weight gain. Maybe you ate salty food and are retaining water.

A scale does not look at the whole picture either. Many professional athletes would be considered obese if you just looked at their height and weight. You need to take into account fitness level and body composition.

Something to keep in mind is the number on the scale is just information. Another way to judge how you are doing is wear fitted clothing. If they fit or are loose you are fine, if they are tight then you probably are gaining weight. In that case take a look at what you are eating in relation to the amount of activity in your day.

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Quit the Whining – It Could be Worse

curveballI had a curve ball thrown at me last week. I went to see my doctor and my liver function is still not completely normal. I’m on an elimination diet that is basically like a cleanse. I cannot have: wheat, dairy, sugar, corn, alcohol, eggs or fruit. I’m okay with no wheat, I can live without dairy. But dang I miss my eggs and fruit.

It really was not what I wanted to hear on a Friday night. The weekend was coming up and this curtails a lot of plans. My diet is fairly clean but I do have a weakness for sugar. It’s no secret that I like dessert and that I am generally careful about the portions of it that I consume.

On the flip side in looking at labels of some of the foods I enjoy I realize that while they were low in sugar maybe there were a few too many of them in my eating plan. The sugar does add up throughout the day and since sugar is metabolized in the liver it could be more of a strain than I need.

Still, it was pretty annoying on Fathers’ Day to watch everyone eat the ice cream cake that I love. I did make my own dessert, which was good and I enjoyed it. It tasted like a warm chocolate muffin and it was sugar, corn, egg and wheat free. A friend tasted it and liked it too. It was not ice cream cake but I didn’t feel deprived or left out.

I was annoyed with the list but I am happy that I have the knowledge and tools to be able to eat delicious meals that nourish me and still keep in these guidelines. I have had several people ask me what the heck I eat now. They’re surprised when I have a long list of foods that I eat.

So what do you do when life throws you a curve ball? Do you rail against it, ignore it or decide to make it work for you? Do you focus on what you can’t have or what you can have? I’d love to hear your response, so please leave me a comment.

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5 Insider Tips on Slowing Down for Summer

cropped-2006-01-31-19.58.071.jpgSummer is approaching and living ideally slows down. Does that really happen for you? I find that I’m invited to parties, graduations, and other events. Add in a full work schedule, networking, family obligations and day-to-day life and I don’t see anything slowing down!

Of course I want to go to the happy events as well as see family and friends. It’s trying to do it all that leaves me tired and cranky. So what can you do?

Pick the things you really want to go to and make the time for them first. Schedule your other activities after that. Many parties are casual and you can drop by for an hour or two, leaving you time for other things.

What are the day-to-day things that aren’t that important? Let one or two of them go, the earth will not stop rotating.

Have family members help out with chores or invest in some help with the chore you really hate doing. Grocery shopping can often be done online, leaving you free to do something else. Is there a teen in the neighborhood that could mow the lawn, walk the dog or run errands? TaskRabbit and FancyHands can help you hire someone as well.

Make one night a picnic night and have sandwiches and salad so you get a cooking break. Use paper plates and eat outside. Weather not cooperating? Throw a blanket on the living room floor and picnic there.

Make a day or an afternoon where you simply do nothing. Everyone needs a little time to unwind and enjoy the day as she sees fit. I like to sit in the back yard with a glass of iced chai tea and a good book.

How do you like to enjoy the summer? I’d love to hear how you celebrate the longer warm days!

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Checking into the Betty Crocker Clinic

cake red velvetDid you ever feel powerless against a food? Something that you just can’t stop eating despite knowing better, good intentions, and swearing you aren’t going to have any more?

Several years ago I was given a large jar of roasted cashews and I loved them. So delicious and I couldn’t stop at the serving portion. I kept eating them. I was trying to lose weight, I felt defeated and powerless. Seriously, I was waking up in the middle of the night crying about my size. Yet I was eating cashews like I’d never have them again. What the hell was wrong with me?

I made my husband empty the nuts into the garbage. I couldn’t bring myself to do it but I knew if they were tossed out I would not eat them. I know I’m not the only one. I remember an episode of Sex In the City with Miranda eating cake that she had tossed into the garbage, calling up Carrie and saying she needed to be checked into the Betty Crocker Clinic. It was funny but it hit uncomfortably close to home.

There are a bunch of reasons why I wasn’t able to throw the nuts out. I grew up hearing you didn’t waste food, people in x country were starving, and you should have self-control. Any of those sound familiar?  Here’s the truth: all food turns to waste one way or another (think about it), your serving of food is not going to eradicate hunger in any other country, and it’s not about self-control.

Diets are often about denial and punishment. I believe that you can have an eating plan that empowers you to have the tools you need to make better choices. So that you aren’t waking up in the middle of the night crying because you are ashamed, your clothes don’t fit, and feel you are powerless around food.

It’s about planning and feeling satisfied, not self-control. Think of a really great meal that you enjoyed. Amazing food, a great glass of wine and entertaining company. Chances are you were not in the kitchen later that evening eating more food. You were happy, satisfied and you carry that memory with you still.

That is how you deserve to live. Every day.

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